CERT Basic Training Class Materials

* The CERT FEMA manual referenced in homeworks below is available here in English and in Spanish.

* NOTE that the homeworks for CERT classes are not at the ones at the end of each Unit section in the FEMA manual. The homeworks for Walnut Creek CERT classes are linked below in each 'homework' line.


Unit 0 Introduction to Walnut Creek CERT

  • slides [PDF]
  • slides [Powerpoint]
  • handouts:
  • How CERT Works In Walnut Creek
    • Walnut Creek has 8 CERT areas, all stocked with emergency response supplies. CERT graduates are assigned to a CERT Area based on where they live.
    • In the event of emergency, CERTs gather at their CERT Staging Area and work together as trained in the CERT Program. See the CERT Activation: Deployment Information section at the bottom of this page.
    • Maps for the 8 CERT neighborhood areas in Walnut Creek.
    • The welcome letter sent to new CERT graduates provides more details.
  • Unit 1 Disaster Preparedness & Pet Emergency Preparedness

    Unit 2 Fire Safety and Utility Controls

    (Unit 2a) Walnut Creek CERT Radio Communications (Comms)

    Unit 3 Disaster Medical Operations - Part 1

    Unit 4 Disaster Medical Operations - Part 2

    Unit 5 Light Search and Rescue Operations

    (Unit 5a) Walnut Creek CERT Comms Field Team Message Form (FTMF)

    Unit 6 CERT Organization

    Unit 7 Disaster Psychology

    Unit 8 Terrorism and CERT

    (Unit 8a) Walnut Creek CERT Animal Response


    To test your knowledge at the end of the classes, take the course review & final exam online here.



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