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Registration is hosted at formsite.com under the login of Betsy Burkhart. Megan Stephenson can log into this site.

A registration list can be exported to Excel from this site.

Example email message to welcome new CERT graduates - paste text from this file into an email

Attach the current .pdf class schedule to the registration email. 



  • Detailed class timelines
    • Class 2 - Unit 2, Fire/Gas Safety & Unit 2a, Comms - use overall class timeline
    • Class 3 - Unit 3, Disaster Med Ops #1
    • Class 4 - Unit 4, Disaster Med Ops #2
    • Class 5 - Unit 5, SAR
    • Class 6 - Unit 6, ICS & Unit 8, Terrorism & Unit 8a, Animal Response
    • Class 7 - refresher skill stations 


Course evaluation sheet - hand out for every training unit. Word file and .pdf version.


Unit 0 Introduction to Walnut Creek CERT

  • handouts:
    • acronyms list 
    • these handouts were lifted from Emergency Preparedness web page
      • Five Quick Tips for Preparedness
      • Emergency supplies checklist for: HOME, CAR, WORK, & PETS 

  •  Unit 1 - Disaster Preparedness & Pet Emergency Preparedness

    • FEMA Participant Manual - 2011 version - Unit 1
    • FEMA Instructor Guide - 2011 version - Unit 1


    Unit 2 - Fire Safety and Utility Controls


    (Unit 2a) Walnut Creek CERT Radio Communications (Comms)


    Unit 3 - Disaster Medical Operations - Part 1


    Unit 4 - Disaster Medical Operations - Part 2

    • FEMA Participant Manual - 2011 version - Unit 4
    • FEMA Instructor Guide - 2011 version - Unit 4
    •  materials list for Units 3 & 4 - see file in Unit 3 section above
    •  homework on FEMA manual*


    Unit 5 - Light Search and Rescue Operations


    (Unit 5a) Walnut Creek CERT Comms Field Team Message Form (FTMF)


    Unit 6 - CERT Organization


    Unit 7 - Disaster Psychology


    Unit 8 - Terrorism and CERT

    • FEMA Participant Manual - 2011 version - Unit 8
    • FEMA Instructor Guide - 2011 version - Unit 8
    • Active Shooter slides from San Ramon PD 


    (Unit 8a) Walnut Creek CERT Animal Response 

    • handouts - supplied by Erica Iwinski


    FEMA Participant Manual & Instructor Guide

    Files were copied from FEMA web site to archive here, just in case.

    Additional Instructor Guide sections not posted above -  Section_1_cover, Section _2_Intro, Section 3_TOC, Section 12_Unit 9, & Annex

    Additional Participant Manual sections not posted above -  Section_1_coverSection _2_IntroSection 3_TOC, & Section 12_Unit 9

    Example order form for FEMA CERT Participant Manual from CaliforniaVolunteers. (old order signed by Gayle Vassar)


    HAM cram

    • for current information contact Jim 'Sharky' Turnbull or Dick DuBey, or see this page



    The easiest way to generate a bunch of certificates is to use Word mail merge tool to generate a .pdf file containing all the certificates. Then print the .pdf file onto decorated pages, place in green heavy stock folders, and attach Walnut Creek gold seal on folder cover. The decorated pages, green folders, and gold seal are stored in the CERT office at City Hall.

    Compressed folder containing Word template & instructions.




    Example email message to welcome new CERT graduates - paste text from this file into an email

    Print this file to .pdf and attach to email above to new CERT graduates along with the current .pdf CERT Leadership page. No need to update this letter every year unless something in it needs to be changed.

    Also print this file showing CERT neighborhood areas to .pdf and attach to email above.



    These self-duplicating (NCR) forms and the triage tags printed on heavy stock paper must be printed by a commercial printer. 

    The City of Walnut Creek uses the printer for the City of Concord - Craig Tanner, 925-671-3298, craig.tanner@cityofconcord.org

    Cost estimate from printer June 2018.

    The .pdf files for the forms are linked below:

    Triage tagform file, print portrait orientation on heavy stock paper, punch 2 holes at the top (in circles printed on form), and cut page in half longwise

    FTMF (Field Team Message Form)form file, print portrait orientation, on 3-page self duplicating NCR form, 1st page is white, 2nd page is pink, 3rd page is yellow.

    Med Ops Documentation Form - form file, print landscape orientation on 2-page self duplicating NCR form, 1st page is white, 2nd page is yellow


    Training Module Resources List for Reference

    Resources list from WC CERT Continuing Ed committee - dated 2016-08-28 


    T3 Trained CERTs:

    Dale Blodgett
    Alma DeBisschop
    Dick DuBey
    Mary A. England
    Peggy Gipps
    Alan Katsura
    Adele Lederman
    Caryn Lum
    Marcia McLean
    Don Prosnitz
    Arlyss Rothman
    Ronald Schwartz
    Beth Smith
    Leena St. Michael
    Jeannie Marie Stewart
    Kim Weinstein

    Injury Report Forms

    URLs for the animal bite report and the DSW incident report



    Reference links -

    National Pipeline Mapping System - https://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov/

    GIS map data page - GIS pipeline data page


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