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Water Quality

2017 Achievement Report 

Since 2013, the City of Walnut Creek has been an active member of the Walnut Creek Watershed Council. The Walnut Creek watershed is the largest in Contra Costa County, totaling 150 square miles or 96,000 acres. The mission of the Council is to support a healthy and sustainable Walnut Creek watershed through community and municipality efforts, scientific studies and restoration projects. For the past five years, the Walnut Creek Watershed Council has published an annual achievement report highlighting the works that Council members have performed.

To learn how the City is working to protect our watershed, read the City of Walnut Creek’s Public Works Department’s contribution to the Council’s 2017 annual achievement report.

Clean Water Programs

Urban runoff is the leading cause of water pollution in creeks and the San Francisco Bay today. The City’s Clean Water Program works to prevent water pollution from urban runoff within our jurisdiction. 

Homeowners and landscape professionals can learn about sustainable landscaping to reduce pesticide toxicity in our waterways and environment from Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening, now known as ReScape California.

Walnut Creek regularly inspects a variety of businesses to ensure that they are complying with the policies and regulations to protect the storm drains and creeks. Typical businesses that are subject to stormwater inspections include restaurants, transportation facilities, auto repair shops, construction sites, and other types of light industries and services that have the potential to pollute stormwater runoff.  Learn how you can certify your business as a Green Business.