Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuels

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Electric Vehicles (EVs)

  • SunShares launches August 1, 2018! SunShares is a renewable energy program making it easier and more affordable for Bay Area residents to go solar or purchase an electric vehicle. SunShares is a project of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a non-profit working with Bay Area organizations to take collective action on sustainability issues. Sign up at www.bayareasunshares.org
  • The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project promotes clean vehicles in California by offering rebates of up to $6,500 for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles, like plug-in hybrid electric, electric, and fuel cell vehicles. Visit their website to learn about vehicle eligibility and more.
  • Federal Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles: Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles purchased after 2010 may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Visit the Department of Energy website to learn more.
  • MCE electricity customers can learn more about EV rates here.
  • Plug In America, a non-profit, has released a new "Used Electric Car Buyer's Guide" to help those interested in purchasing an EV know more about different vehicle models, batteries, warranties, and things to consider when buying a used EV. Read the Used Electric Car Buyer's Guide.
  • PG&E Plug-in Electric Vehicles: PG&E provides a wealth of resources for current owners and prospective buyers of electric vehicles, including the following:
    • Checklist for prospective buyers
    • Charging Options
    • Charging Installation
    • Electric Vehicle Rate Plan

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • CalCAP EV Charging Station Funding for Small Businesses and Landlords: California launched a $2 million financing program that provides incentives to small-business owners and landlords to install electric vehicle charging stations for their employers, clients, and tenants. Learn more.

  • PG&E EV Charge Network: Workplaces and multi-unit dwellings can apply to receive discounts of up to 25-100% on electric vehicle charging equipment. Learn more.