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Take our Bike Share Pilot Feedback Survey and share your thoughts on the future of the program! Survey runs from October 15 - November 11th: 

In January of 2018, City Council authorized a year-long pilot program to allow a dockless bike share provider within Walnut Creek. This means the community has a new way to get around the city and supports the City’s goals of offering many different transportation options. The City does not run the program or pay for it. Instead, it authorizes a private company to station and operate bikes around the City.

Currently LimeBike, a startup based in the Bay Area, operates a bike-share in Walnut Creek. The bright green and yellow bikes operate off an app on your phone; no bike rack or docking station needed. After finishing a ride, the user parks and locks it in place, ready for the next user. The dockless bikes can be parked on sidewalks and near bike racks. The City requires bikes be parked safely, not blocking the public right of way.

If you have questions about the pilot program, you can email us at 

If you have concerns or feedback about an individual bike, reach out to LimeBike Support directly by emailing, calling 1.888.LIME.345, or texting 1.888.546.3345.


LimeBike Bikeshare FAQS

How do I get the app?

Download the LimeBike app on your smartphone through the Apple Store or Google Play. Ride 30 minutes for $1; 1 hour for $2.

How do I find a LimeBike near me?

Open the app on your smartphone, find a bike on the map, and unlock the bike with the tap of the app.

How safe are the bikes?

Safety is LimeBike’s top priority: Its bikes are equipped with an anti-theft lock and alarm, double kickstand for parking stability, and a super-bright front headlight.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

In California, everyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet that is properly fitted and fastened when riding a bicycle on a street, bikeway, or public bicycle path or trail. We suggest all bike riders wear a helmet.

Where can I find tips for riding safely in a city?

Visit Bike East Bay for resources on biking.

How do I end my ride and where do I park the bike?

Make sure you’re parking in a safe, appropriate location. Dockless bike shares only work if we all take responsibility and park in places that don’t block car traffic, impede pedestrian access, or encroach on private property. Then simply push down the rear wheel to lock the bike. After completing your ride, the app will provide you with a trip summary.

How do I reserve a bike?

Currently, LimeBike does not provide for reservations. This is a first come, first serve program. When you see a nearby bike on the map, it’s yours to ride. When you are done riding, lock the bike using the built-in lock on the rear wheel; do not use your own bike lock, as LimeBike’s support team may come and remove it to allow the next rider to gain access.

How far can you ride a LimeBike?

LimeBike Riders can ride anywhere with the city limit in which LimeBike has officially launched. Riding outside the city limits may result in a bike recovery fee being applied to your account.  Neighboring cities are currently exploring bike share programs.

What prevents bikes being abandoned in undesirable locations?

LimeBike regularly deploys teams to recover bikes from stray locations and relocates them to higher trafficked areas.

Where do I go for help with the LimeBike or if I see a bike that is on private property or blocking the right of way?

Reach out to LimeBike directly for help with their bikes, including if a bike is improperly parked and needs to be moved. You can reach them through:


Phone: 1.888.LIME.345

Text: 1.888.546.3345.

Does LimeBike pay the City to use the public right of way?  Does the City pay LimeBike?

No and no. LimeBike is operating in Walnut Creek per an agreement signed between the City and LimeBike for a twelve month pilot program ending in early 2019. Walnut Creek benefits by having another easy, healthy and clean transportation option. LimeBike is a private company, funded through investors and rider fees. 

Feedback for the City?

The City is running a survey open now and running from October 15-November 11th to gather feedback and learn from you what the future of dockless bike share should be in Walnut Creek. Take the survey here:

If you have more immediate feedback and questions for the city, please email

If you have concerns or feedback about an individual bike, reach out to LimeBike Support directly by emailing, calling 1.888.LIME.345, or texting 1.888.546.3345.