Design Review Guidelines Update

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The City has initiated a planning process to update the Design Review Guidelines from 1996.  Design Review Guidelines inform the City's Design Review process which seeks to ensure new and remolded building projects promote quality architectural design, site planning, landscape development while enhancing community character. 
The Design Review Guidelines Update will involve modernizing the existing guidelines and integrating new guidelines based on best practices and community input.  The final product will incorporate the Objective Design Standards adopted by City Council in October 2018.

How to Get Involved

Focus Group Meetings
In February 2019, the City conducted two focus group meetings with interested parties to collect input on the Design Topics.  You can review the focus group presentation here. Members of the public were also invited to attend the Developers’ Forum: Design Review Guidelines Update Focus Group, on Wednesday, February 13th.  You can review a recording of the presentation here.
Online Visual Design Preference Survey
An online survey will launch in early March to collect input design preferences for the newer design topic areas, such as mixed-use development and publicly accessible outdoor spaces (e.g. plazas).  Check back here in June, or subscribe to Walnut Creek Open Town Hall to receive notification.
Public Meetings
A Public Draft of the document will be released in May 2019 and there will be additional opportunities for comment at a series of Commission and Council meetings in June 2019.


The final Draft is anticipated to be released in August 2019, with final adoption hearing in September 2019.

DRGs Update Schedule