Below Market Rate Homeownership Program

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For Sale BMR Units

There are currently no BMR units accepting applications for purchase.

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Program Guidelines

Threshold Eligibility Requirements

  • The home purchased under this program must be owner occupied.
  • Applicant must be a first time home buyer (cannot have owned or jointly owned a home in the past three years).
  • Applicants income cannot exceed the maximum for the designated unit and the applicant must be able to provide sufficient documentation of income.
  • Applicant must provide a minimum of 5% down payment, of which 3% must be from their own funds.
  • Applicant's down payment funds must be seasoned (in buyer's bank account) for at least three months.
  • Housing Costs (principle, interest, taxes, insurance, homeowners association fees, and utilities) cannot exceed 35% of the applicant's gross income.

Maximum Income Limits (2017)

* AMI: Area Median Income in the Oakland Metropolitan Statistical Area

No. of persons/
No. of Bedrooms
Low Income
(80% of AMI)
Moderate Income
(120% of AMI)
1 Person $62,750 $87,700
2 Persons
$71,700 $100,250
3 Persons
$80,650 $112,750
4 Persons
$89,600 $125,750
5 Persons
$96,800 $135,300
6 Persons
$103,950 $145,350
7 Persons
$111,150 $155,350
8 Persons
$118,300 $165,400
  • A household is defined by including all the persons who will occupy a housing unit. The occupants may be one person living alone, a single family, two or more families living together or any other combination of related or non-related persons who share living arrangements.
  • Total household income is the total income of all members in the household 18+ years old.

A summary of Restrictions, Terms and Conditions

  • Home must remain an Affordable Unit for 45 years, and sold at an affordable price as determined by the City.
  • Unit must be owner occupied.
  • Unit or part of the unit may not be rented or leased.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of unit is required as per City Code and Owners Association Guidelines.
  • Insurance requirement verification, property tax payment verifications, and occupancy requirement verification must be provided to the City annually.
  • City or City designated assignee has option to purchase unit upon desire from participant (owner) to sell at restricted resale price.
  • Restrictions continue for specific time period even if any financial assistance provided is repaid prior to the end of the restriction period.
  • Resale to Eligible Buyer re-starts restriction time period for an additional 45 years.

Additional Finance and Purchasing Information

  • Applicant must have sufficient creditworthiness to qualify for a first mortgage. Creditworthiness may include not having filed bankruptcy in the last three years. Criteria may require a minimum credit (FICO) score
  • A gift of funds is permitted to assist in the purchase of the inclusionary unit.