A New Series of Do-It-Yourself Classes



Upcoming workshops:

Homebrewing 101 - Participants will learn the general process of making beer and take part in brewing and bottling a batch of homebrew from start to finish. The class will start with a short discussion about the techniques, equipment and cost involved. We will then brew a batch of beer from malt extract and bottle a second finished batch. Class participants will gain a general understanding of the process and leave with information and resources to brew their own beer at home.


Backyard Chickens - This class will introduce you to the fascinating world of backyard chickens and give you the information you need to get started with your own low-effort backyard flock. We'll discuss life cycles, coop designs, breed selection, care and feeding for health and egg production, protection from predators and ways of integrating your chickens into your garden. We’ll give you information on where to purchase your chickens and feed and resources for learning more.


Wine Analysis: A Journey through a Glass of Wine - Class identifies three types of wine tasters explaining how you can determine what category of taster you are. Learn to identify and describe seven major components of wine by tasting five specific wines that exemplify each component. Learn the link between aroma and flavor. Be exposed to wine aromas having an opportunity to test your olfactory skills. Learn technique for tasting a glass of wine, serving wine at proper temperatures, proper wine storage and importance of using correct wine glass. Class is appropriate for both novice and intermediate wine connoisseurs. 21 and over. $5.00 supply fee due at class. Please do not wear perfume or cologne to the workshop.