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  Walnut Creek Skate Park

The skate park will be closed from Mon-Fri; 9AM – 12 PM for the Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy:

(8/10-8/14, & 8/17-8/21)

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Walnut Creek Skate Park is located at the corner of Heather Drive and Marchbanks Drive in Heather Farm Park, and is across from the Clarke Swim Center. Admission is free. Hours of operation are dawn to 9 p.m. The City requires that all skaters must wear a helmet and knee AND elbow pads in order to use the park. Please see the rules.

The Skate Park Hotline is 925-256-3584. The hotline has up-to-date information on whether the park is open.

The design firm of Purkiss-Rose-RSI of Fullerton, CA designed the Skate Park along with area skaters during 3 group design sessions. Among its unique features are elements for street skaters and vertical skaters, with rails, spines and bowls. The Phase II design of the Skate Park includes a pool featuring actual pool coping and tile. When funded, Walnut Creek will have the only skate park of its kind in Northern California.

For more information on the skate park, contact Karen Heaston-Martin, Recreation Supervisor, at 925-943-5899 Ext. 2438 or e-mail her at heaston@walnut-creek.org.

The Walnut Creek Skate Park opened Nov. 12, 2005. Pro vert skater Holly Lyons, formerly of Walnut Creek, skated at the opening (below). Skate park site at corner of Heather Drive and Marchbanks Drive in Heather Farm Park. (click on map below for larger version) Walnut Creek Skate Park design