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  Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan
Application No. Y11-056 (Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan) and
Application No. Y12-071 ("The Orchards" development proposal)
Applicant: Deborah Karbo
TerraMar Retail Centers
5858 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94588
T: 925.738.1241
F: 925.738.1206
E: dkarbo@terramarcenters.com
The Orchards Website
Staff: Ethan Bindernagel, Sr. Planner
T: 925.943.5899 x2250
F: 925.256.3500
E: bindernagel@walnut-creek.org
Owner: Safeway Stores 71, Inc.
1371 Oakland Bl, Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Staff: Laura Simpson, Principal Planner
T: 925.943.5899 x2236
F: 925.256.3500
E: simpson@walnut-creek.org

Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan
On June 17, 2014, the Walnut Creek City Council passed Resolution No. 14-31 to adopt the Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan, which provided a long-term redevelopment vision for the prominent 25-acre property at the corner of Ygnacio Valley and Oak Grove Roads in the southeast corner of the Shadelands Business Park.  Links to the individual chapters of the final adopted version of the document are provided below.  If you have any questions regarding the Specific Plan, please contact Ethan Bindernagel, AICP, Senior Planner at (925) 943-5899 x2250, or via email at Bindernagel@walnut-creek.org.

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background
Chapter 2 - Vision
Chapter 3 - Land Use, Development Policies and Design Guidelines
Chapter 4 - Transportation
Chapter 5 - Public Infrastructure and Services
Chapter 6 - Implementation
• Appendices

The Orchards
Redevelop property with new mixed-use commercial center featuring a 55,000 sq. ft. Safeway store, new retail and restaurants, health club, and up to 200 units of senior housing. Amenities include new multi-use pathway, 4 acres of open space, amphitheater, community room, public art, and right-of-way improvements. Approximately 770 parking stalls - nearly 300 on a rooftop garage over the new Safeway, the rest in surface lots. Site-size: 24.76 acres.

06/03/14 - City Council (CC) certified the EIR on 06/17/14 - CC approved GPA, Specific Plan, P-D Rezone, Tree Removals 07/24/14 - Planning Commission (PC) approved Tentative Map 08/06/14 -  Design Review Commission (DRC) approved final DR 09/02/14 - CC denied appeal of Tent Map approval, upheld PC decision 09/11/14 - PC denied appeal of final DR approval, upheld DRC decision  11/19/14 - DRC hearing on Master Sign Program

Construction & Occupancy Timeline:
Removal of trees, demolition of existing building, mass grading have occurred, or are in final stages; City reviewing site development and building permits; likely groundbreaking in early 2015; occupancy possible in Spring 2016

Estimated Completion Date:
Estimated Spring 2016 (this is a preliminary estimate and timelines may change)

Impacts to Public Right-of-Way:
Utility work and deliveries may cause some intermittent sidewalk and lane closures on N. Via Monte and Shadelands.

Final Environmental Impact Report
On June 3, 2014, the Walnut Creek City Council adopted Resolution No. 14-22 to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report [State Clearinghouse Number: 2013062040] ("FEIR") and adopt the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program ("MMRP") for the Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan and The Orchards at Walnut Creek Project.  The FEIR comprises the following:  the Draft EIR; all comments received during the 45-day public review of the Draft EIR; the City's response to those comments, and the MMRP.  (A copy of the Draft EIR and all of its Appendices is provided in the next section)

If you wish to review a hard copy of the FEIR and/or MMRP documents, materials are available at the following locations: a) 2nd Floor of City Hall - 1666 N. Main Street; b) Walnut Creek Library - 1644 N. Broadway; c) Ygnacio Valley Library - 2661 Oak Grove Road.  Below are links to the electronic versions of the FEIR and MMRP.  Given the sheer size of the document, City staff broke the FEIR and MMRP out into smaller sections to facilitate viewing online and downloading the documents. 

•  Final EIR - pages 1 - 260
•  Final EIR - pages 261 - 402
•  Final EIR - pages 403 - 554
•  Final EIR - pages 555 - 658
•  Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
The DEIR was filed with the State Clearinghouse in Sacramento on Monday, January 6, 2014, and was assigned the following State Clearinghouse number: 2013062040.

In order to facilitate online access to the 604-page DEIR, City staff has posted a low-resolution version of document on this site.  The lo-res setting may slightly compromise print quality.  However, hard copies of the DEIR are available at City Hall on the 2nd Floor.

• Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report  (Appendices linked separately below)

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Comments
Appendix B - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Appendix C - Biological Resources
Appendix D - Cultural Resources
Appendix E - Geotechnical
Appendix F - Hazards & Hazardous Materials
Appendix G - Hydrology & Water Quality
Appendix H - Noise
• Appendix I - Public Services
• Appendix J - Traffic
Appendix K - Urban Decay
Appendix L - Final Draft Specific Plan (provided below)

 If you have questions related to the environmental report, please contact:
Ethan Bindernagel, AICP
Senior Planner
Planning Division, 2nd Floor
1666 N. Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 943-5899 x2250

If you decide to challenge in court the environmental document or other actions of the City pertaining to the Project, you may be limited to raising only those issues addressed at the public hearings described above or in written correspondence received by the City of Walnut Creek, Community Development Department at or prior to those hearings.  For further information please contact Ethan Bindernagel, AICP, Senior Planner at (925) 943-5899 x2250, or via email at

Economic Analysis Documents
The following documents comprise the economic analysis performed prior to the completion of an urban decay analysis conducted by the City's consultant, ALH Urban & Regional Economics, as provided in Appendix K of the Draft Environmental Report and included in the Final Environmental Impact Report.  (A link to Appendix K is located above within the Draft EIR section.)  BAE urban economics was the City's economics consultant who produced the initial market demand analysis for the Specific Plan.  The City then commissioned a peer review with Economic & Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) to critique the initial report.  BAE was then provided an opportunity to respond to that peer review.  The final document is a memo from the City's Economic Develompent Manager, Ron Gerber, to the Planning Commission regarding the potential impacts of development on the 25-acre Plan Area.

•  BAE Market Demand Study
•  EPS Peer Review of Market Demand Study
•  BAE Response to EPS Peer Review
•  City Memo to Planning Commission re: Potential Market Impact of Proposed Retail at Shadelands

Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan FAQs

FAQs about Specific Plan and FAQs about Traffic (only)

Advisory Committee Members
Committee Co-Chairs Bob Simmons, Mayor Applicant Deb Karbo, Property Development Centers
Kish Rajan, Mayor Pro Tem Business Park Representative Michael Monaldo, John Muir Health
Planning Commission Bob Pickett Local Business Owner Rocco Biale, Rocco's Pizzeria
Design Review Commission David Crawford Residents Ted Angus, At-Large
Transportation Commission Kevin Wilk Eric Harrison, Northgate
Ed Wohlers, The Woodlands

Advisory Committee Public Meeting Dates

Specific Plan History:

In April 2011, the City Council discussed, among other topics, current economic conditions in the Shadelands Business Park. Council members acknowledged that there are currently several successful, valuable businesses within the Shadelands, but pondered future alternative land uses that might revitalize the business park to make it a more competitive economic development engine and a force within the commercial real estate market. Council members discussed alternatives to the permitted uses within the Business Park for the Safeway site, including but not limited to, senior housing or residential care facilities, educational institutions, medical offices, and a large grocery store complex.

In May 2011, Safeway Stores Inc., as the owner and applicant, submitted a Pre-Application request for the City Council to consider an amendment of the existing General Plan land use designation (GPA) from Business Park (BP) to General Retail (G-R). A GPA would be required to allow the site to be rezoned to one or more compliant retail zoning districts, which would permit construction of a variety of retail uses on all or a portion of the site. The applicant filed the Pre-Application request to determine if the City Council believes the time is right to consider/study possible development of non-business park related land uses on this site.

On August 2, 2011, the City Council reviewed a pre-application for a GPA filed by Property Development Centers (PDC), and endorsed the idea of processing a GPA through the creation of a specific plan. Given the site’s prominent location and the opportunity presented, one of the Council’s intended goals was to ensure the process is inclusive and participatory so that the project incorporates the public’s vision for a future use(s) at this prominent corner identified in General Plan 2025 as a gateway to the City. The City Council also expressed a goal of balancing the needs of the community with those of the applicant in order to create a viable, competitive vision for the future of the 25-acre area. The Council reiterated its commitment to an inclusive public process, one in which the interests of all parties may be expressed, considered, and vetted through an open, public dialogue.