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  Nuisance Abatement / Code Enforcement

SeeClickFix is place-based reporting platform that allows residents to document neighborhood concerns, ranging from debris and graffiti to building code violations and unpermitted signs. 

SeeClickFix is available as a free application, downloadable on mobile smartphones at http://www.seeclickfix.com/apps. Citizens may then photograph an issue or concern and report it through the application. A copy of the photo, the concern described by the reporting party, and the location, will then go directly to Code Enforcement for review. Citizens may also report through the website link SeeClickFix.com.

SeeClickFix allows residents to not only report community issues, but also view and comment on problems submitted by their neighbors.

To report a nuisance violation or to request an investigation, call (925) 943-5863 or email a Code Enforcement Officer. When leaving a message, please provide your name and phone number so we can clarify the issue as well as report back concerning what action(s) will be taken.  We can usually respond to complaints within one or two business days.

We maintain strict confidentiality of reporting persons.  Review Policy Bulletin PB-018

About Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for enforcing provisions of the Walnut Creek Municipal Code involving quality of life and neighborhood quality issues such as: 

-  Junk, debris, garbage -  Illegal or unpermitted home-based businesses
-  Illegal or unpermitted signs -  Inoperable or abandoned vehicles
-  Business license enforcement -  Weed abatement
-  Illegal or unpermitted construction -  RV parking/storage complaints
-  Miscellaneous zoning violations -  Graffiti abatement
-  Illegal or unpermitted fences -  Vector control issues (flies, mosquitos, etc)

The specific Municipal Code sections are as follows:
Title 1  Nuisances Title 8  Business Licensing
Title 4  Noise (in conjunction with the Walnut Creek Police Department) Title 10  Zoning, Subdivision, and Sign Regulations
Title 6  Outdoor Sales and Close-out Sales Regulations  

Code Enforcement also assists with the City's Clean Water Regulations within Title 9 and administers private parking lot regulations contained within Title 10 (including parking lot certification).

The Code Enforcement Team generally works under a model of voluntary compliance within reasonable time allowed to meet compliance.  In rare circumstances, administrative penalties are assessed to those who fail to comply with the Municipal Code.

Steve Buckley, Planning Manager and Code Enforcement Supervisor
(925) 256-3543