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The Community and Economic Development Department (CED) exists to enhance the community's safety, welfare, economic opportunities and quality of life. Our mission will be accomplished through effective leadership, commitment to excellence and the delivery of quality professional services to the public, City Council, City Commissions, City Manager, and other City Departments.

The Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for a variety of community-related functions and efforts and includes the following services:

  • Planning Division: Processes all development applications and oversees all design review approvals. It also drafts new City ordinances and prepares amendments to the Walnut Creek General Plan. For easy reference, a copy of the Planning and General Department fee schedule is provided.
  • Housing Division: Creates, preserves and improves a range of housing opportunities and supportive programs serving an economically diverse community.
  • Transportation Planning Division: Promotes and enhances transportation mobility and balanced parking within the community and provides leadership on regional transportation issues.
  • Building Division: Performs plan checks, issues Building Permits, and provides inspection services for building construction and electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations. The team also responds to complaints concerning building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code compliance.
  • Code Enforcement Division: Handles nuisance abatement and code violation notifications and proceedings.
  • Administrative Team: Conducts special projects and provides support services to the Divisions.

CED also provides staffing services to the Planning Commission and the Design Review Commission.

New! Development Projects Webpage
Want to know what's happening with development in Walnut Creek? A new Development Projects webpage provides a wealth of information, from an interactive map of key development sites to FAQs about the impact of development on schools and services.
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