Adult Ballet (Int)

For students with some formal ballet training. Class includes a barre warm-up, center work, turns, jumps and leaps. Ballet shoes required. Proper ballet attire is not required. Wear something that fits close to the body.

INSTRUCTOR:  Ginger Megley
LOCATION  Dance Studio, Shadelands Art Center

$93:  8 classes

Class 28585       Wed           7:30pm-8:45pm                   6/24-8/12




Adult/teen tap is an ideal physical workout and artistic outlet in one! Our tap embraces other dance forms such as ballet and jazz, while promoting musicality, strength, flexibility and balance for the beginning and advanced student alike. Includes a series of warm-up exercises, stationary center work and traveling combinations that culminate in a routine set to music. Tap shoes required.

INSTRUCTOR:  Alana Buschini
LOCATION  Studio D, Civic Park Studios

$43:  3 classes

Tap Fundamentals
Class 28604                Tue            7:00pm-8:00pm          7/14-7/28

Musical Theatre Tap
Class 28605                Tue            8:00pm-9:00pm          7/14-7/28